Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fun in the SNOW!

Brrrr! It is so cold outside!
My little cutie wanted to make a snowman but didn't want to be cold, so 
I sent her outside for some snow...

And in the warmth and comfort of our home we made that snowman! 
Hailey loved it because it was so so small...
And so so cute with the name of
'snowman thing'...

Of course snowmen have quick lives and Hailey had to say goodbye....

But then we came up with some more indoor snow fun...

First, please make sure your snow is fresh and clean and not stained yellow...
Pour some juice on it and your child will be in snow treat heaven!

When that was all melted and eaten up, she wasn't done with snow so we
put food coloring in a spray bottle with water
and Hailey was outside 
spraying and spraying and spraying 
and didn't even care that she had no coat on!

What are some fun snow ideas you do with your kids?


  1. You might want to not have your kids eating snow for awhile. There have been reports from various places in North America (not sure about the rest of the world) where the snow is radioactive at rates 10x the ambient radiation. Probably from the Japan incident. Just an FYI. I would never have thought of it if I hadn't seen the info on it.

  2. I just came across your blog today and LOVE it!! I found a fun snow idea on pinterest...freeze colored water in a balloon (take the balloon after after it freezes) and use it to decorate or play with in the snow!