Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Safety A-Z

A- Always carry a flashlight
B-Buy costumes that are made of flame-retardant material
C-Costumes should not drag on the ground or be too dark to see
D-Don't cut across yards or driveways
E-Eat dinner before going out to trick or treat
F-Follow all traffic laws and signals
G-Go slooooowww drivers. Be careful all evening if you are behind the wheel
H-Don't eat to much candy at once, it's not healthy
I- If there is no sidewalk, walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic
J-Jackets should be worn over costumes on cool Halloween nights
K-Know how and where to contact your parents
L-Light your jack-o-lantern with a battery powered light instead of a candle
M-Make sure your shoes fit and are tied right so you don't fall
N-Never enter a stranger's home
O-Only eat candy after your parents have checked it
P-Props such as a sword or wand should be flexible toys, if they are not, use caution when walking with them.
Q-Quarters are a good thing to carry in case you need to call home
R-Remember to walk, not run between houses
S-Say thank you when you receive your candy
T-Trick or Treat only in familiar neighborhoods close to home
U-Unfamiliar animals and pets should be avoided
V-Visit only houses that are lit
W-Wear a watch you can read in the dark
X-Have an eXtra great time
Y-Young children should be accompanied by an adult
Z-Make sure you are home at a good time to get your zzz's (especially because it's a school night)

Thanks to my local newspaper for printing some of these ideas, I think it's good to go over safety rules with kids especially if they are going trick or treating on their own!

Happy Halloween and be SAFE!

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