Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fun ideas to help kids clean...

As of February 1, 2013
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I have been collecting some fun clean ideas for awhile and have used most of these on my kids and I must say they ALL work!
Good luck
here's to a happy clean house! 
Fun ideas to help kids clean

Set up the twister mat placing small jobs on many of the dots. Have the kids stand back and throw a beanbag and they run to do the job they landed on.

Have your child work for the purpose of surprising a family member.

Edit a board game with jobs on different spaces and shake the dice or spin your way to cleaning. This works better with smaller jobs.

For a quick clean up of the house, put an ice cube in a pan on low and see if the kids can finish their chores before it melts.

Blindfold your kids and see if they can still clean.

Have children draw a job out of the hat and have them do that job for the next 20 minutes. Pretend to be the health inspector and reward the children if the job is done to your satisfaction.

Red light/green light cleaning works well too.

Hide a small object in a messy room. Have the kids clean until they find it.

Make the younger kids sock puppets to help you clean. They are good for dusting and picking up toys.

If your child wants to help you wash a window, have them stand on the opposite side of the window and mimic your hand movements. Its a good way to get them to wash their entire side of the window.

Dash for trash (or toys) Give each child a bag, pillowcase or bucket and the child to get the most items in their bag in one minute gets to pick what to have for dinner that night.

Have your child pick a number out of a hat, then each child picks up that number of objects around the house and puts them away.

Freeze tag can be fun. Have each child clean until you yell freeze. Then tap two children on the shoulder to switch jobs and start cleaning again until you yell freeze and then choose two different children.

Call cleaning attack the mess and hide rewards around the house and have them clean until they find the reward.

Have the kids clean walking backwards. They love this challenge.



  1. great ideas - linked your post on my FB page!


  2. What fabulous ideas! One of my favorite is "Magic Items". I'll secretly select 2-5 objects that are in the messy room. Whoever picks up those items gets a tiny prize (ten extra minutes with their DS or Dad's iPad, a small candy). I'll make a big deal once one gets picked up and I'm always AMAZED at how quickly they go about picking up a HUGE mess w/o complaining.

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  4. Love these fun ideas! Sometimes cleaning can be so monotonous - even I feel inspired to clean after reading these ideas!