Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dashing through the house...

 I have been hyper ventilating with the thought of Christmas so close.
I have a final due next week, shopping to finish (that I haven't even started), parties to attend,
pictures to take, Lasik surgery next week and SO ON!
AHHHH! Like this poem, I may be insanely busy but it still makes me smile to see Christmas lights,
hear Christmas music and even look at my to do list.

Dashing Through the House...

Dashing through the house-a million things to do
Got to get the shopping done-and make the fruitcakes too.
Christmas carols ring-making spirits bright!
It’s time for peace and joy on earth-so why am I up-tight?

Oh, running here-running there-running everywhere.
The party is tomorrow night-I’ve not a thing to wear.
Running here-running there- running everywhere
Got to get the laundry done and wash and curl my hair.

School is almost out-yeah-the kids will soon be home,
Christmas time will bring them back-no matter where they roam.
We’ve got to get the tree-and buy the turkey too.
Christmas Eve is almost here- I never will get through.

Oh, Hurry here! Hurry there!-have not time to stop
School just called, “Come get your son, he has the chicken pox!”
Make the beds, sweep the floor, wrap the presents too.
Dad just came home sick from work, I think he has the flu.

The sewing isn’t done- cookies are not made..
I guess I’ll have to stay up late…I wish I had a maid!!
SO many things half done-I started way too late.
I’m headed for the funny farm-just open up the gate.

Oh, running here!-running there! –running to and fro
Change the baby, clean the house-(I wish that it would snow!)
String the lights, pop the corn, make the candy too.
How I wish I had more time-there is so much to do.

Now dear, this won’t be hard-directions are right here…
You’ll have it done in nothing flat, there is no need to fear.
You say you need a wrench and bigger pliers too!!
I don’t know who had them last-you’ll have to make these do…!

Oh, running here!- running there!- cleaning up the yard
Write a note to friends we love and send the Christmas cards.
Make a list, check it twice, everybody here?
I love the glow of Christmas trees, they bring such joy and cheer.

And then I stop and think…although I have to run,
I’m glad to have so much to fact it’s lots of fun.
The smiles of little tots, their eager, shining eyes,
The joy of love that Christmas brings are things you cannot buy.

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way.
Oh, what fun it is to plan for a HAPPY HOLIDAY.
Jingle bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way..
We wish your family JOY and PEACE and a HAPPY HOLIDAY!
(author unknown) 


  1. Just curious about what it cost to Lasek Surgery?

  2. This is awesome!! I'm going to have send this to my friends!
    BTW, I've stopped receiving emails from this blog feed... You may need to do some work behind the scenes to get it running again! (I've had to do this before.)
    Thanks! I love your blog!