Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Car traveling tip...

I'm sure most of you have figured this travel tip out-
I don't know why it took us 14 years and six kids later to learn how
a cup holder could be!
We had to divide food up for the little kids as we were driving
and had nothing to put it in until I saw the empty cup holders just calling out to me.
They are so handy!
#1-They are free
#2-They have 5 different compartments for fries, ketchup, sandwich, drink, etc.
#3-They are sturdy enough for even a two year old to handle.
#4-The big kids thought they were pretty cool and wanted one of their own.
#4-You just toss them into the trash when they are done!


  1. Beki,
    great idea! We are a fam of 6 & don't live close to any of our extended family so we've gotten good at travelling with kids! what we do for in-car-meals is plastic shoe boxes! that way its all contained & even the drink can be spilt with no damage!! A quick wipe with a wet wipe & they are all stacked & stored under a seat for next time.
    I enjoy your blog, thanks!!

  2. Okay - that is genius! I'd never heard of that. Fabulous! Also love that idea in the first comment about the plastic boxes. So smart! Thanks!!

  3. You should try that idea again and drive to Utah.

  4. Smart! I'll have to remember that one in the future.

  5. BRILLIANT! GENIUS! I always give the cup holders back in the drive through window so I don't have extra junk in the car. I'm keeping them from now on & asking for one when they don't give them to me.

  6. great idea, except it's "Voila!", not "whalah."