Sunday, October 2, 2011

A little organizing this weekend...

I never seem to get the Spring fever bug...
 I always get the Fall bug.
Maybe it's because the holidays are approaching
or maybe it is because I know the cold weather will force me indoors
 which will force me to look at all of my clutter
which will drive me crazy.
Well this weekend, I got the bug-
I have been going crazy, throwing things away
(3 bags from my closet,  2 bags from my pantry, 2 bags from my girls rooms, and on and on)
SO I thought I would share just a few organizing tips I
decided to use.
This is a lifesaver...
 My kids need to see (and not just be told) what they need to do
There is something magical about crossing off or erasing a chore. We put up some reminders
for them in our family office.

 The next one is awesome for storing necklaces or smaller earrings, it's a medicine holder turned
jewelry holder...

 NO more getting tangled up with each other. I also use this to take my jewelry with me
when I am going out of town.

 And of course the barbie storage...
I remember seeing this somewhere and thought it was genius. 
It's a plastic shoe storage turned barbie storage.
My girls love it!


  1. Thanks for the idea of using a pill organizer for jewelry storage/transportation!

  2. i just found your blog through tip junkie and read through the whole thing. i've been deleting blogs from my google reader but i'm definitely adding yours in. thanks for all of the great ideas. i can't wait for more!

  3. WOW! Genius to use a medicine holder for your jewelry! Thanks for the tip!

  4. I love the medicine case for traveling with jewelry! You are always so organized Beck! I too am more into fall cleaning vs spring.