Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Countdown...

Whoever thought of the paper countdown is seriously a genius.
Our little munchkin Savvy loves the holidays.
She has asked about 4 million times in the last week when Halloween will be so
we had to make a countdown to show her.

She never skips a day and the asking has dissappeared.
Hang in there Savvy, 

What countdowns do you do that have worked?

1 comment:

  1. No countdowns, but I read an article today about Halloween candy and I immediately thought of you!

    It said to offer the kids an attractive exchange for their goodies. For the younger ones, let them trade in pieces for a new book or toy. For the older ones it said you could also trying bartering for privileges. Extended weekend bedtimes, trips to the mall with friends, or sleep overs!

    Neat, huh? I thought that was SUCH a good idea.

    It also had info about dentists who participate in a program called Halloween Candy Buy Back. They buy kid's candy for $1 a pound and then take the candy and ship it overseas to the troops. I hope that some dentists in our area participate!

    Let the kids pick one last piece of their favorite and then let them donate to someone else's Daddy that had to miss Halloween! Love it!