Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cure some school blues...

Savvy came home from school on Friday and said, "K mom, I am done with school!" 
I said, "yes you are done until Monday". She had a horribly upset look
on her face and through tears said, "I don't want to go back, I am done, I hate it, I miss you and Hailey, 
it's not fun, I get tired, I haaaaate school!"
I told her she had about 21 more years of school until she can be done,
which didn't help.
So I told her when she came home from school today and every day this week, I would have 
a 'school survival' treat if she would at least try and have fun each day.

This was todays....

and of course I couldn't leave the older kids out....

Wish us luck! Hopefully she will
 start liking school soon!


  1. Totally gonna steal this for my 9 year old!!Love it!!!!!! Thanks for posting this!!

  2. Good luck! She's a very fortunate kid. All your kids are. You are a great mom!