Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to our home gifts...

We rarely have visitors from out of town but when we do, we try to have a little welcome basket or flowers for them upon arrival. My 3 sisters came to visit this weekend so I had to spoil them a little. Baskets like this don't cost a lot of money, you can get most of the stuff at Target or the dollar store.
(I bought my little hand sanitizers at Bath and Bodywork's
because they had personalized horoscope ones)
Throw all of it in with a little TLC and whalah....your own little hotel style welcome basket!


  1. I Lurrrrrve this idea! Can I come stay at your house for a weekend?!

  2. Love the chalkboard strip on the glasses - did you make or find?

  3. I love this. I want to be a perfect hostess when the opportunity arrives, thanks for the inspiration.

  4. This is an amazing idea! Thank you for sharing :-) Now I can't wait getting guests :-D

  5. I like this a package gift for everybody..