Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Build Up Your Home

I love summer but sometimes when my kids are around each other
there starts to be some fighting.
I have come up with a chart to help build our house back into a home.
I printed this house in color and black and white.I then put the black and white one on our wall and cut the colored one up into pieces and put them in an envelope.
Each time my kids would do something kind to bring the 'color' or happiness back into our home, they would get a piece of the colored house and tape it onto the matching black and white part of the house, thus building our home.
The last colored piece to be added was the door.
When they added the door, they could open it and see what prize awaited them or you could just put the prize in an envelope and have them open it after the house is color again!
Our award was ice cream and swimming but it could be anything!
It really works and I can't wait to start it again!

Here is a copy of the house graphic...
If you can't open or save it send me an email at organicfamilies@hotmail.com and I will email the files to you!


  1. CLEVER, and I love it... my kids are very kinetic learned and very visual... i think this idea is great!

  2. would you wait until everyone finished their house before you gave the prize envelope? Or did each kid get the same prize and then the others couldn't participate until their house was completed?